FPE Anti-Racism Resolution

As a PTA, we are parents, teachers, and caregivers with a responsibility to look out for the best interests of children. Now is a time to take action, alongside others, to address the systemic problems within our society and community. For PTAs that action takes the form of resolutions and policy. It is time for us to acknowledge that we can be either racist or anti-racist, but we cannot be neutral. It is time for us to acknowledge our power regarding the existence and pervasiveness of systemic racism. It is time for us to fight for the education of our children in the hope that doing so will save the lives of our black and brown children and all children furthest from educational justice.

WHEREAS among our most fundamental rights are the rights to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” 2, those rights are being denied to black people and people of color across this country and in Seattle;

WHEREAS systemic racism is embedded in every aspect of this country, including public schools;

WHEREAS systemic racism in our school system is a major factor in the opportunity gap between white and black/brown students;

WHEREAS we must choose whether to be a racist or anti-racist organization as there is no neutral space;

WHEREAS while we, as members of the greater Washington State PTA, move toward “every child, one voice”3, the voices and needs of black/brown children continue to be left out and unheard;

RESOLVED that Fairmount Park Elementary PTA commits to being an anti-racist organization. We will do this by:

Actively educating our PTA members on issues related to anti-racism through hosting parent education events at least twice a year, providing anti-racism books and resources for teachers and families, and by including information on anti-racism efforts in every PTA Meeting.

Actively working to center the voices of our families furthest from educational justice by engaging with families and by providing a safe space for dialogue and community. A first step, in the fall of 2020, will be to create space for families of color to give input on what is needed. The PTA will put aside time this fall of 2020 to invite the communities of color to co-create the program for our school and further revisions of this resolution.

Actively working with our school, Seattle Public Schools, the City of Seattle, and the State of Washington to provide opportunities and funding for professional development for anti-racism work.

Based on The Bryant Elementary PTSA Resolution on Anti-racism: http://www.bryantschool.org/news/passed-bryant-ptsa-resolution-on-anti-racism
US Declaration of Independence (1776)
Washington State Advocacy in Olympia 2020 https://www.wastatepta.org/advocacy-in-olympia-2020/