5th-grade trip to Islandwood

Field notes from a 5th-grade teacher:

Your children were a true delight to spend time with at Islandwood.  I am so proud of each and everyone of them.  They took risks, supported one another, laughed a bunch, and learned a lot about themselves and others.

This morning during circle students shared their favorite parts of Islandwood.  Here is what they came up with:

We will never forget…..

The amazing food, our incredible field instructors, cozy lodge time, canopy tower and being above the top of the trees, suspension bridge, crabs and seals at the harbor, constellations on the night hike, doing a night hike WITHOUT flashlights of any kind, skipping rocks at the harbor, campfire skits, bald eagles, making new friends, treehouses, hot showers at the end of the day (we expected cold water!!), solo walk (being alone in nature), finding really cool mushrooms (earth star, Amanita muscaria, and turkey tail were the coolest), loving the trees, making tea in the garden, tasting new plants in the garden, playing lots and lots of games, looking at macro-invertebrates at the pond, Ort and the ort report, making boats at the pond, field group mascots, art, hiking all day, finding lichen and moss, ferry and the crazy bus, cookies, teachers, sliding in our socks down the hall, “the wild area,” games of camouflage, TEAMS course, and best of all making new friends.

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